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One of my many 2011 resolutions is to be a better blogger. That means updating this as often as humanly possible, and with the backlog I have sitting in front of me from the last quarter of 2010, I don’t have a second to waste in getting started! Grab a blanket, get nice and comfy dry from the snow, and join me in my blast from the past as I relive the glorious sunny days of fall.


Anyone hungry? Meet Brian, an employee of the Mexicue food truck that parks around Manhattan and serves up delicious food on the quick. By their description, Mexicue is “the sweet, sweet love child of red-hot Mexican cuisine and down-home, barbeque goodness.” Sounds good to me, and I got to try a free smoked short rib taco! It was delicious! I was assigned to grab some photos of the truck because they were a finalist in the 2010 Vendy Awards. Food trucks have been exploding lately around here, and we love it! People in NYC are busy people, and it’s fantastic to have more “on-the-go” options than greasy overpriced hotdogs and other mystery street meats. Here is the article run in Metro. (I just noticed the photo credit is wrong, that’s another Lauren on staff. Oops! I’ve emailed in hopes of getting that corrected!)

Columbia University

My next assignment was to visit the breathtaking campus of Columbia University. I got there at about 7am, intending to capture some of the scenery at its rarest: completely empty. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Metro ran an article highlighting Columbia’s plan to expand its campus 6 million square feet in the next 25 years.

My favorite part of the morning was photographing Alma Mater, the sculpture of Athena that stands watch (well, sits watch) outside one of the Columbia libraries. She was installed in 1904 and there is an old superstition positing that the first freshman in each incoming class to discover the secret in her robes will be valedictorian. She’s majestic to behold and quite large at about 9 feet tall. In the quiet of the early morning that day, we had a little photo shoot.

Columbia University

Columbia University

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