New Studio

Wow, this weekend was BUSY! I’m really impressed with myself for making it to work today, because I all I wanted out of life this morning was to stay in bed. Forever.

Ben & I moved all of my studio equipment into the new space on Thursday night, and Saturday I had 3 shoots booked so I was there all day. It was so much fun – and equally exhausting! First I had a couples portrait shoot with Nick & Claire, who are completely adorable. Then, Mr. David Iseley brought his gorgeous, custom-built Bespoke pedalboard in for a product shoot, along with his friend Ethan who gigs with it. My last client of the day was Zach Bourne, a gentleman I met at a corporate party I shot back in April. He needed some updated headshots and we got some great stuff. I’ll post all of that up soon!

Having a studio is a blast. As you can see by the photo above, I share it with a clothing designer. It’s a sweet deal in a great location on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. Anyway, here are a couple of test shots. Ben took the one of me. (Disregard the dirty floor, I pull down the backdrop to have it seamless white so it doesn’t matter.) Stay tuned!

New Studio

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